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Glasses for Parkinson's Disease

We are currently looking for 5 individuals that have moderate muscle tremors or stiffness due to Parkinson's Disease. If you would like to take part in our study, the exam, testing and glasses will all be provided at no charge. 

Dr. Jamin Quilla is currently doing a study to determine whether certain tinted lenses help patients with symptoms from Parkinson's Disease. 

If the glasses help, and you wish to keep them, in return all we ask is that you give a small testimonial about how they have helped, and/or very brief video showing the improvement in symptoms that you have from wearing the colored lenses. 

Recently a couple small studies have reported benefits for those suffering from Parkinson's from wearing dark blue tinted lenses. While those lenses may help certain individuals, the purpose of our study is to determine if some patients benefit more from other tints. 

We are the only practice in the Carolinas to have a Colorimeter at this time. The device allows us to test any color and precisely determine the best tint for the individual. We can then make a trial pair of lenses and determine if they provide help to the individual. 

Below is shown the machine and lenses we use. 

If you are interested in taking part in the study and qualify due to moderate muscle tremors or stiffness please give us a call at (828) 665-1577 and we would be happy to schedule you for an appointment. 

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